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Websites for Business

These days, every small business should have a website.  A website that looks great both on your desktop and on your customer's mobile phone.  

With our websites starting from $895+gst for a fully mobile responsive site, it's difficult to imagine a reason for any company of any size not to have a website. 

Stay in business by contacting us today to upgrade your existing site or to build an awesome new one.

NOTE:  $895+gst is available for a short time only.  As with any website, a monthly hosting and backup fee applies.


We will make your site secure for FREE with a SSL certificate. instead of your site beginning with http: it will be https:

Basically, seeing that little “s” tells the site visitor:  

- The site they are on is actually the site they meant to visit

- The content on the site hasn’t been changed in any way by anybody other than the site owner

- The visitor’s browser history isn’t being tracked by some third-party

And there is a SEO benefit so GET YOUR NEW SITE TODAY

DON’T FORGET - Content For Your Website
Websites need very good photos and highly engaging and relevant content. We cannot emphasis how important the pictures and writing are.  If you are not the best photographer or copywriter, we can help by providing you with the following services:

•    Copywriting – you provide the basic details to us and our writer will edit and plump the               words to make them into a fascinating story or our writer can interview you to ascertain             all the information that should feature on your new website, then use this                                   content to write the content of the website for you.
  • Content curation - is grabbing exsisting content from elsewhere on the net and rewritting it to make it unique. If you struggle for content, content curation can be the answer. 


  Thank you for entrusting us with the second most important part of your business.  

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